Beautiful Caswell House nestled in the heart of the Oxfordshire Cotswolds

We are delighted to host and deliver a series of workshops focusing on wellbeing at Caswell House. Caswell House is a beautiful, historic 15th century manor house nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds. These beautiful surroundings are the perfect location to take some time and invest in a bit of self-care.

Movement 2 Growth - wellbeing workshops with OCP

Movement to Growth

Mental Wellbeing. Strategy. Motivation.

Looking for strategies to tackle life’s challenges? We can help.

Through Movement to Growth people discover how to make a shift in their thinking and take control of their personal development.

If you feel your business or personal life has ground to a halt because of stress, anxiety, or a lack of confidence, a Movement to Growth workshop will help you take that necessary step forward towards enjoying a fulfilling life at work and at home.

We’re running a series of workshops on various topics to support people as they move through some of the tougher stages in their lives.

From teenagers battling exam fears, to individuals needing to build emotional resilience in the work place, our aim is to arm attendees with proven techniques that enable them to deal with the many stressful situations they may face.

Here’s the full list of workshops we’re offering.

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