Oxford Clinical Psychology is committed to providing high quality, evidenced based clinical psychology
assessments and treatments to individuals, couples and families to enable people to maximise their potential
and enjoyment of life.

We realise that both life events (past and current) and mental health problems can impact on people’s potential
to engage fully with all that life has to offer. We are committed to working alongside individuals, couples and
families in a way which most suits them and that they are comfortable with, in order to meet their goals.
Oxford Clinical Psychology

Who we are

Dr Nicola Smith - Clinical Psychologist

I have worked as a Psychologist for almost 20 years. I spent 10 years working in the NHS in the community and
in hospitals with adults and children. I have also worked as a psychologist, clinical supervisor and clinical lead in
a range of private and voluntary sector organisations, as well as in independent and state schools. I also act as
consultant to a community counselling and psychotherapy service in Cambridgeshire.

I am also an experienced supervisor, overseeing the work of other therapists.

In addition to contracted and private clinical work I am a lecturer in counselling and psychotherapy.

I am a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society and am registered by the Health Care and
Professions Council as a practitioner psychologist. I have full professional indemnity insurance.
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Individuals and Couples

Who we can help


I am experienced in helping adults with, amongst others things:
- Anxiety and worry
- Depression and sadness
- Eating disorders
- Sleeping problems
- Relationship breakdown
- Bereavement
- Post traumatic stress disorder
- Chronic fatigue syndrome/ME
- Chronic pain
- Adjustment to chronic health conditions
- Self harm
- Work difficulties


I am experienced working with couples to resolve a range of difficulties including:
- Communication difficulties
- Relationship breakdown
- Sexual difficulties
- Parenting

What we can offer

Clinical psychologists are trained in a number of evidence based therapeutic modalities enabling me to select
which approach is best suited to each individual client.

I am able to offer:
- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
- Short term focussed work
- Systemic approaches
- Counselling
- Longer term exploratory psychotherapy

I am also interested in the role of newer approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and

Please click on the relevant tab to find out more about the services we offer. Please do not hesitate to get in
touch with us if you have any queries.

Children and Young People

Younger Children

I am experienced in helping children with, amongst others things:
- Eating difficulties
- Sleeping problems
- Behavioural difficulties
- Emotional difficulties
- Anxiety and Depression
- Sibling rivalry
- Friendship issues / bullying
- Family separation
- Bereavement
- Communication problems
- School refusal

Older Children and Teenagers

I have experience working with young people with a range of difficulties including:
- Eating disorders
- Depression and Anxiety
- Self harming behaviour
- Exam stress
- Loss and Bereavement
- Relationship issues
- School refusal
- Chronic health problems

What we can offer

Individual Work

I am able to offer a range of approaches on an individual basis including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,
Narrative Therapy, psycho-educational work and more generic counselling as best suited to the needs of the
young person.

Play/Creative Based Work

This can be beneficial to younger, primary school age, children. It is believed that therapeutic play improves the
emotional well being of the child and, through a variety of play and creative arts, it may be used to address
emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Family Therapy

Working therapeutically as a family can be a particularly effective approach for some difficulties. The aim is to
improve family communication and develop strategies for making changes together to improve the family

Group Work

Group work can be a helpful option for children and young people experiencing similar difficulties. I could offer
groups for 4-8 children enabling them to share their experiences and develop strategies to cope more

Parenting Skills and Strategies

I can provide advice to parents on various techniques for managing behavioural difficulties. I am committed to
supporting parents to grow in confidence in positive, and enjoyable, parenting.

How we work

I would initially offer you and your child a confidential appointment to assess your current situation and how
therapy may help. Older children may wish to attend this session alone.
In that session I would seek to understand any developmental, medical, family, educational and social issues
which may be impacting on your child.

Following that initial session, a decision would be made with you and your child as to the most helpful way
forward. This treatment plan may include individual work, play therapy, family work or a mix of those as
appropriate. This may also include liaison with GP/Mental Health Services/school staff as appropriate.

Should a group of young people be referred with similar issues e.g. anxiety, exam stress, I could offer a series
of group sessions. These are known to be particularly helpful for teenagers who can benefit from the peer
support developed in such an environment.

I aim to offer as much feedback to families and referrers as possible within the scope of confidentiality.
To discuss a possible referral or to arrange an assessment appointment please contact us.
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There is a growing recognition in schools of the importance of timely and appropriate support for students with a
range of stress related, friendship related and mental health difficulties. Oxford Clinical Psychology is
experienced in providing a range of interventions and support to individuals, groups and staff within both
independent and state schools.

What can be offered

Preventative wellbeing work

- Mindfulness workshops
- Specific workshops e.g. exam preparation; stress management; self esteem; protective
behaviours; friendships


- Classroom observations of behavioural difficulties
- Individual or family assessments of behavioural or (pre-)mental health difficulties


- 1:1 or family interventions, and school interventions, for a range of difficulties including:
- Adjustment to, or management of, chronic illness
- Anger
- Anxiety
- Attachment difficulties
- Behavioural difficulties
- Bereavement
- Depression
- Disengagement from school
- Eating disorders (or eating disorder related behaviours)
- Enuresis and Encopresis
- Exam stress
- Friendship issues
- Low self esteem
- Pain management
- Parental separation
- Self harm


- Staff training
- Staff ‘surgery’ to offer consultations and suggestions on pupils raising concerns
- Supporting schools to develop a comprehensive wellbeing and mental health strategy

How we work

- We would seek to meet with the key stakeholders in a school (usually the head of pastoral care, school
nurse and special needs support staff) to ascertain the concerns an individual school may have
- A plan of assessment and intervention would then be developed within the framework provided by the
- Once a piece of work has been offered within a school, appropriate evaluation would be undertaken

Please contact us to discuss how we can help.
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How we work

I would initially offer you a confidential assessment appointment to understand your current situation and how
therapy may help. Key to any successful therapy is a trusting, secure relationship and that initial appointment will
enable to you understand how we might work together.
In that session I would seek to understand what has led to you feeling the way you do. This would include any
early life, medical, family, educational and social issues which may be impacting on your situation. I would also
want to understand what your goals are for the work together.
Following that initial session, we would talk about the most helpful way forward. This plan may include individual
work, family work or a mix of those as appropriate. This may also include liaison with GP or other healthcare
services as appropriate.
It is important to regularly review how the work is going and whether any changes need to be made to the plan.
Towards the end of our work together we will agree an end date and whether reducing the frequency of sessions
will be helpful. When we finish our work I can provide you with a written summary, and inform relevant healthcare
professionals of our work if you would like me to.


I offer appointments both in Oxford and Faringdon.

In Oxford I am based at the Oxford Business Park which is just off the ring road offering easy access and plenty
of free parking.

In Faringdon I work from Brunel House, Volunteer Way which has ample free parking
near by.

A range of day time and evening appointments are available. Please contact me for further information.


Sessions costs vary between £70 and £100 depending on the type of work and length of sessions.
Sessions can be weekly or fortnightly, as best suits the needs of the individual, couple or family.

Cancellation fee:
- Free if more than 48 hours notice is given
- 50% of the session if 24 - 48 hours notice is given
- 100% of the session if less than 24 hours notice is given
      -     Non attendance: 100% of the session
I am registered with the major private health care providers. If you think that your treatment might be covered by
private health insurance please contact your provider to establish the terms of your policy before beginning
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Oxford Clinical Psychology has a broad range of experience in NHS, voluntary sector and private organisations.


I have experience teaching both undergraduate and post graduate students as well as a range of mental
health professionals. I am able to offer training sessions on a range of topics from short CPD slots to
whole day workshops.
Recent sessions offered have included:
- Recognising and responding to common mental health difficulties
- Therapeutic formulations
- Moving from individual work to couples work
- Introducing new approaches to therapy
- Team working
- Group dynamics


I have been involved in research for many years as lead investigator, supervisor and co author with
experience of publishing articles in peer reviewed journals. I am experienced in teaching research
design and am able to offer:
- Systematic reviews
- Research design and implementation
- Project management and oversight


I am experienced working with a range of organisations.
Recent work has included:
- Clinical leadership
- Interim contract management
- Service development
- Team building and development



I am an experienced supervisor working with a range of counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists,
both trainees and qualified. I enjoy offering supervision both individually and in groups.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how I may be of support to you or your organisation
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Contact Us

How to contact us

I welcome enquiries about the support I can offer via phone or email. It is also possible to make referrals in this
Before making contact it can be helpful to consider the main reason for coming for help. It can also be useful to
consider your hoped for outcomes from therapy.

Enquiries or

to book an appointment please contact:

Mobile: 07802 484705

Email: nicola@oxfordclinicalpsychology.org

Oxford Clinical Psychology,
Brunel House,
Volunteer Way,
Oxfordshire, SN7 7YR

Why Clinical Psychology?

Clinical Psychologists are trained in the NHS and are able to offer comprehensive and evidenced based
assessments and interventions. They are experienced in working in a range of organisations and are easily
able to liaise with GPs and Mental Health services as well as make treatment recommendations and referrals
as appropriate.
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