Working with young people

OCP has extensive experience supporting and working with children and young people. We work together with families and young people to develop an understanding of the problem at hand and to work out a plan of action collaboratively – to ensure that both the young person and their parents and/or carers feel comfortable and confident in their therapy.

We have experience working with young people with a range of difficulties including:

  • Eating disorders
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Self harming behaviour
  • Exam stress
  • Loss and bereavement
  • Relationship issues
  • School refusal
  • Chronic health problems

We work together with young people and their families to tailor the therapy to their specific needs.

How we work

  1. I would initially offer you and your child a confidential appointment to assess your current situation and how therapy may help. Older children may wish to attend this session alone. During the session I seek to understand any developmental, medical, family, educational and social issues which may be impacting on your child.
  2. Following that initial session, a decision would be made with you and your child as to the most helpful way forward. This treatment plan may include individual work, play therapy, family work or a mix of those as appropriate. This may also include liaison with GP/Mental Health Services/school staff as appropriate.

Should a group of young people be referred with similar issues e.g. anxiety, exam stress, I could offer a series of group sessions. These can be particularly helpful for teenagers who can benefit from the peer support developed in such an environment.

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