Our work with children

We have lots of experience of working with children and are able to work flexibly to ensure that your child is supported in the best way possible. We work collaboratively with parents and families to make a plan of action to ensure that everyone involved feels comfortable and confident in the child’s therapy.

We draw from various approaches when working with children:

Individual Work

We are able to offer a range of approaches on an individual basis including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Therapy, psycho-educational work and more generic counselling as best suited to the needs of each young person.

Play/Creative Based Work

This can be beneficial to younger, primary school age, children. It is believed that therapeutic play improves the emotional well being of the child and, through a variety of play and creative arts, it may be used to address emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Family Therapy

Working therapeutically as a family can be a particularly effective approach for some difficulties. This approach aims to improve family communication and develop strategies for making changes. Working together as a team to improve the family situation.

Group Work

Group work can be a helpful option for children and young people experiencing similar difficulties. We could offer groups for 4-8 children enabling them to share their experiences and develop strategies to cope more effectively.

Parenting Skills and Strategies

We can provide advice to parents on various techniques for managing behavioural difficulties. We are committed to supporting parents to grow in confidence for positive, and enjoyable, parenting.

How we work

  1. We would initially offer you and your child a confidential appointment to assess your current situation and how therapy may help. During the session we seek to understand any developmental, medical, family, educational and social issues which may be impacting on your child.
  2. Following that initial session, a decision would be made with you and your child as to the most helpful way forward. This treatment plan may include individual work, play therapy, family work or a mix of those as appropriate. This may also include liaison with GP/Mental Health Services/school staff as appropriate.


Should a group of young people be referred with similar issues e.g. anxiety, exam stress, we could offer a series of group sessions. These are known to be particularly helpful for teenagers who can benefit from the peer support developed in such an environment.