Who We Are

Dr Nicola Smith, Clinical Psychologist

Dr Nicola Smith

I am a professional and caring Clinical Psychologist with over 10 years’ experience working with children, young people and families, in addition to working with individual adults and couples.

My process is simple: I am committed to first understanding the difficulties you are experiencing and to then work together with you to identify goals and then the most appropriate way to reach your goals. The key to successful therapy is a comfortable and trusting relationship so during an initial assessment session you are able get a feel of how it would be to work together, and I can gain a more in-depth understanding of the difficulties you are experiencing.

I realise that the decision to embark on therapy is not taken lightly, so I work alongside you to ensure that we structure your therapy in a way that best suits you. Clinical Psychology training equips practitioners to work from a range of approaches – this means that I am able to advise and guide you in which approach will most suit you and your goals, as well as which approach is most well evidenced for the difficulties you are experiencing. I would draw on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), systemic approaches and more longer-term approaches to ascertain which of these would be most appropriate. I am also interested in using techniques from more recent approaches to therapy such as Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Prior to establishing Oxford Clinical Psychology, I worked as a clinical psychologist in the NHS, private sector organisations and charitable organisations for many years and I also supervise fellow psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists.




Dr Hannah Farr, Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Dr Hannah Farr

I am a qualified Clinical Psychologist based in Marlborough (Wiltshire) and Faringdon (Oxfordshire). I offer private and confidential assessment and treatment for adults, couples and adolescents who are experiencing emotional and mental health difficulties. I have extensive experience of working with complex mental health difficulties. I pride myself on offering a warm and inviting space for you to feel able to discuss your problems with me.

I recognise that when you come to see me it will have been after some careful thought and understandably for many people they feel anxious talking about their personal lives to someone they don’t know. I will aim to put you at ease by providing an empathic, independent, non-judgemental space to talk about your problems.

Once I have a better understanding of the challenges you are facing, we will spend time working together to understand how you have come to this point in your life and how you could manage things in a way that works better for you. Coming to see me will provide you with the space to think about making changes and give you individualised support to carry out any changes when you feel ready.