We contacted Nicola in the hope she could help us understand our daughters anxiety which had suddenly become much worse. It was stopping her going to school, eating meals with the family, the quality of her sleep and ability to join in normal activities such as going to birthday parties without us. As her parents we felt we didn’t have the tools in our tool kit to know how best to help her and ensure we weren’t feeding the anxiety in any way. Nicola very quickly put us at ease, and our daughter. We attended 3 sessions during which we worked with Nicola as a family and our daughter worked 1-2-1 with her. The difference was noticeable immediately. It wasn’t without its challenges but Nicola was quick to reassure us when it was difficult. Nicola recommended exercises, tools and techniques and books – all of which were very helpful then and now. We are much more confident in our ability to provide our daughter with ongoing support.

It has been an amazing transformation in such a short period of time.  My partner and I feel we have the understanding, tools and skills to support our daughter, which we didn’t before coming to see Nicola. I would not hesitate to bring our daughter back if she needed to or recommend Nicola to anyone else who wants to help their child navigate the challenges of life.